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We support the preservation of
analog reel to reel audio media
because nothing sounds as good as

"Meeting the needs of reel to reel

enthusiasts world wide"
We've Got News!

The RMGI recording tape
factory was purchased by
Pyral and moved to France for
production using the same
high quality formulas.  We
salute Pyral and their
commitment to support the
analog audio industry.

Splicit is always on the
forefront of innovation when it
comes to providing you with
hard to find tape related
items.  We are one of the only
sources on the planet that
offers you brand new high
quality tape reels made right
here in the USA!    Our line of
7" plastic reels are available
in  clear, blue, white, black and

New Product!!!
Our  Pro Audio Tape Care Kit
will make it easy for you to
take care of your tapes!